The Double Articulating Leg Rest is designed to relieve pressure and strain by acting as a platform for the leg. Useful for users that suffer from knee problems such as arthritis or ligament damage as it enables the user to extend and elevate their leg while seated. User experience is further enhanced by the bendable platform that enables the angle to be positioned exactly where needed. This makes the leg rest ideal for users who are unable to straighten their leg fully but need elevation.

Height and angle adjustments are complemented by an articulation handwheel that engages a hinge for pivoting. We can supply various gas stem heights to achieve an appropriate height for the user and a layer of memory foam further ensures optimum comfort.

Standard Features

  • •  Bends under the knee for added comfort
    •  Height and angle adjustable
    •  Rotates 360°
    •  Height range of 40-50cm with other sizes available
    •  Double width to support both legs