Sit-Stand Chairs

Our new HALO Sit-Stand Chairs Are Coming Soon




What Are Sit-Stand Chairs?

Sit-stand chairs tend to provide a higher profile design with saddle seats that help reduce the strain when alternating work positions. Ergonomically, they facilitate ease of movement between sitting and standing and provide maximum movement in all directions.

Where To Use Sit-Stand Chairs?

Sit-stand chairs are perfect for use in environments with higher-level worksurfaces such as receptions, checkouts, factories, design studios and a multitude of healthcare environments. They offer a third option to vary the working posture regularly and comfortably.

Our Sit-Stand Chairs

HALO sit-stand chairs are designed for use at standing desks and when work routines require fluid moving positions. The chair design facilitates ease of movement for tasking while the perched position allows for simple strain-free alternations between sitting and standing. The seat rotates the pelvis forward which reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs and engages the core muscles for an improved posture. When leaning forward to perform tasks the spine is held in a neutral position making it perfect for people in active workplaces.

HALO chairs are available in three models with a different backrest shape and size on each. HALO one chairs provide lumbar and lateral support while the HALO two chairs have a backrest that doubles as a chest support when tasking requires forward reaching and HALO saddle chairs offer a true saddle design with no backrest.