Sit-Stand Chairs

What Are Sit-Stand Chairs?

Sit-stand chairs are designed with greater height capability and can be used in multiple positions, from standard sitting through to high and perched sitting. Ergonomically, they facilitate ease of movement between sitting and standing and allow the user maximum movement in all directions.

The chair designs facilitate ease of movement for tasking while the perched position, coupled with extended height capability, allow for simple strain-free alternations between sitting and standing. The seat profile rotates the pelvis forward which reduces pressure on the intervertebral discs and engages the core muscles for improved posture. When tasking users can reach further and work more efficiently thanks to the support and confidence the chair provides.

Where To Use Sit-Stand Chairs?

Sit-stand chairs are perfect for use in in active environments such as receptions, checkouts, factories, design studios, healthcare and education. They provide an ideal solution for people who need their chair to facilitate work routines and for those who wish to vary their posture for greater wellbeing and productivity.

Our Sit-Stand Chair Range

Our range of sit-stand chairs are available across six Halo models that suit a comprehensive range of user needs, from specific workplace requirements through to more general sit stand working.

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