About Us


29 years in the making

In 1989, two Physiologists started designing chairs for people with postural problems and specialist seating requirements. They were unsurpassed in the industry with over twenty-six years’ experience resolving posture related pain. In 2014, in recognition of their brilliant design work, Ergonomic Seating Solutions took over their product portfolio and have been growing business through quality, innovation and customer service.


We’re all different, we understand that

Chair and body is a partnership and we all have differing needs which is why we design chairs with the user at the heart of the process. We create continuity between user and chair with support and comfort provided in the right amounts and in all the right places. Furthermore, we know that choosing furniture doesn’t just end with meeting a price-point or physical need. Aesthetics are also central to choice. That is why we offer a wide range of fabrics, colours and finishings so our chairs can add distinction and harmony to the workplace.


We do bespoke as standard

We offer a truly unique range of seating with a multitude of design decisions that go into producing the end result. Add to that the vast amount of easy-to-specify options available and you can be sure that a chair built by us is flexible enough to meet even the most diverse requirements.


Beyond flexibility

Our Custom-Fit system maps the body allowing us to fine-tune and sculpt a chair to the user’s form. Back-rests and seats can be profiled to provide optimum comfort and support no matter what the end users shape, size or medical condition. Custom-Fit assessments can be carried out UK wide, or we can assess in our showroom.


Everything you need

Our best-selling OPERA range is highly customisable and can be produced to exacting requirements. NOVUM Plus chairs provide an entry-level ergonomic option that’s feature-rich making them an excellent choice for contract furniture. ORBIS chairs offer a suitable ergonomic upgrade from a standard office chair when budgets are limited. HALO chairs are an exciting new development with a design that facilitates fluid movements for tasking and easy alternations between sitting and standing.


Your happiness, our pleasure

Without customers, we are nothing which is why delivering excellent customer service is central to what we do. We believe in a partnership approach and provide high-quality training and support for our customers so accurate recommendations can be made. Your customers are ultimately ours…