Seat Supports

What are seat supports?

Seat supports are designed to improve sitting comfort and improve the posture of users on chairs/seats that either don’t offer adequate pressure relief or cause a negative hip angle.

They are simply placed on top of the existing seat, which makes them ideal for use on a range of seats from cars to basic office chairs.

Our range of seat supports

Each of our seat supports are portable to enable them to be used anywhere a more comfortable seat is required ie trains, planes or even your dining room chair!

They include both seat wedges and cushions dependent on the end user’s requirements.

Seat wedges

Seats on most chairs are often fixed and therefore promote an incorrect hip and knee angle relationship. The ideal posture is for your knee to be slightly lower than your hips to help relieve strain on the base of your back – something most seats don’t deliver (all our ergonomic chairs do!).

Our seat wedges encourage a downward angle through their shape to relieve pressure on discs. They are available in standard foam, memory foam, varying thicknesses and with coccyx cut outs for coccyx relief.

Pressure relieving cushions

Our pressure relieving cushions are designed to reduce pressure from sitting on seats which are too firm. Most chairs use fairly basic foam which over time, compresses and loses its density. This then causes discomfort on the thighs and buttocks and can lead to varicose veins.

Our cushions are made with memory foam to evenly distribute pressure and can be made in various thicknesses and sizes. We can make the cushions to measure so please get in touch with any specific requirements.