Back Supports

What is a Back Support?

Back Supports are designed to provide support for the back and assist in the prevention and management of back pain.

They are fitted to existing chairs via an elastic strap, making them suitable for a range of situations including transport and meetings. They can also be fitted to an existing office chair if greater back support is required and the rest of the chair is suitable.

Why would I need a Back Support?

Back Supports are needed when an existing chair doesn’t provide sufficient back support. Generally, car seats, trains, planes and meeting room chairs are limited in the amount of back support they offer which, when used regularly, can lead to back pain and strains. By simply adding a back support, posture can be improved and back pain minimised.

It may also be that an existing office chair is fine in all areas other than the level of back support it gives. In these situations, purchasing a whole new chair can be expensive. Instead, one of our back supports acts as a cost-effective alternative.

Types of Back Supports?

Our Back support range includes a selection of lumbar supports. These vary from foam supports which are a set density for constant support and inflatable lumbar supports to enable the amount of support to be adjusted from one day to the next depending on the level of support required.

All of our back supports are lightweight and portable to allow them to be carried from one location to the next.