POSE™ Chair Fitting System

Our Personal Office Seating Evaluation can help create a chair that is truly bespoke to the user’s needs. POSE™  ensures chairs are specified to perfection.

What is POSE™

POSE™ is chair fitting system that captures meaningful user data so appropriate chairs from our OPERA range can be specified.  By assessing user environment, work routines, body measurements and clinical details assessors are able to make informed chair recommendations that ensure optimum comfort and support.

What are the benefit of POSE™

  • Accurate and bespoke chair recommendations
  • Time and money saved by avoiding assessment call-outs and charges
  • Unobtrusive assessment option
  • Users can complete at their own pace
  • Suitable for self or facilitated assessments
  • Recommendations and quotes turned around quickly
  • Completely FREE service

Submitting the POSE™ evaluation

Users should complete as much of the assessment as possible and from there we will design a chair that accurately meets their needs. Please note that the information provided is treated with the strictest of confidentiality and will only be used for the purposes of recommending a chair.

Measuring Yourself

For information on how to measure yourself please click on the ‘How to measure yourself’ link below, or contact us.


To complete the POSE™ form please select one of the options below: