Chairs can be supplied with A5 Armrests which are superior quality and highly versatile, offering 7 points of movement. Available on all Opera chairs, offering easy-to-use height, depth and width adjustments plus the option to rotate the pad through 360°. A further 3 movements are provided via a second pivot point that allows for 180°, 60° inward and 30° outward positioning. All these adjustments combine to make the A5 Armrests a great option to ensure comfort and support for a broad range of ergonomic requirements.

•  Height-adjustable arms with a range of 10cm
•  Depth adjustable pads with a range of 31cm
•  Width adjustable pads with a range of 12cm
•  Rotating pads 360° at pivot point 1
•  Rotating pads 60° inward, 30° outward and 180° at pivot point 2
•  Push-button operation
•  Large soft and textured PU pads
•  Sleek polished aluminium hardware