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Completing your POSE™ Form



To help make that perfect fit we offer our Personal Office Seating Evaluation in which we take into consideration your body measurements and clinical details. Just like proper fitting shoes, one of our Opera office chairs will be comfortable in every dimension, a precise way of measuring you for a chair. We aim to respond to your POSE form within eight hours with a personal quotation.

The POSE form is a tool designed to enable us to accurately specify and advise which chair from our range of Opera models would be most suited to you and your requirements. It requests information on your workstation, daily tasks, measurements and medical conditions to enable us to establish the right chair for you.

By providing us with the information outlined on the POSE form, we can determine which type of chair, which size of chair and which of the optional features you require to provide you with a greater level of sitting comfort.

Complete as much of the form as you can and we will do the rest by returning a quotation for the recommended chair. All of the information you submit is confidential and will only be used for the purposes of advising which chair you require.

For information on how to measure yourself, please refer to the ‘How to measure yourself’ form below or contact us.

How to measure yourself

To complete the POSE form please select one of the options below: